The dietitians and nutritionists at the Anne Till Nutrition Group help individuals locally and internationally meet their nutritional, weight loss, and wellness goals by becoming each client’s expert partner to promote long-term success.

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With decades of experience in clinical private practice and as a leading nutrition expert, Anne Till and her associates assist organizations and medical practices implement and maintain evidence-based nutrition care services, wellness programs, nutrition initiatives, and much more.

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Evidence-Based Nutrition Therapy

Anne's Unique Approach

When you silence the confusion that surrounds food and dietary advice and understand your own individual metabolic makeup, getting it all right is a lot easier than you might think.
—Anne Till

Anne Till dietitians provide a unique approach to nutrition therapy which involves using evidence-based nutrition information and a life-course approach to create personalized plans for reaching a client’s short and long-term goals. Our nutritionists specialize in tailoring powerful yet practical strategies that are effective in a challenging modern-day environment.

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Health & Nutrition Information

Organizations and Medical Practices

Nutrition care services are a cornerstone of preventative medicine. Corporations, Accountable care organizations, and Primary care clinics are striving to implement evidence-based best practice methods related to the nutrition care process (NCP) to promote optimal clinical outcomes and to prevent and/or effectively manage chronic disease.

Anne Till’s decades of experience as a leading clinical dietitian enables her to help organizations create, roll out, manage, and assess the NCP in their organization, in order to achieve desired outcomes.

Primary Care Corporate Wellness

Some of our clients


In my endeavor to lose weight and become a healthier eater I met Ms Avril. Even when I’ve wanted to give up, she has stood by my side and motivated me not to quit. Words cannot Express my gratitude for her and her ability to guide me  to get on the right track. Love you Avril and thanks […]

— JD

Thank you, Avril! I appreciate your depth of knowledge, no-judgement approach, and kind support 🙂

— DP – Raleigh, NC

I recently had myriad symptoms that left my doctors scratching their heads. Among them was extreme GI distress my GI doc could not explain or provide any solutions to overcome. I finally decided that I should see a dietician to determine if there was something I could change in my diet. In my first appointment […]

— Mandy M.

I have been working with Avril over at Anne Till Consulting for somewhere around 2 years if memory serves me right. I started seeing Avril after I had my twins. I was gaining weight and could not understand why – I already ate healthy and hadn’t changed a thing in my diet. After meeting with […]

— Rachel P. – Fuquay Varina, NC

I have been seeing Avril Rowerdink since May 2020 after realizing how unhappy I was with my body. Not only am I down nearly 20 pounds since then, but Avril has been a huge part of my weight loss journey and confidence booster. She has given me the knowledge to eat healthier and find foods […]

— Rachael C. – Cary, NC

I have been working with Avril for a month now and so far I have lost 15 pounds! The diet I’m following is easy to understand and even my blood work came back a lot better by changing my lifestyle and working with her diet. She is extremely helpful, professional, and I definitely recommend her!

— Henry A. – Cary, NC

I have been seeing Avril Rowerdink, now for over a year. She has been very knowledgeable and very helpful to guiding me to achieve my goals. I have lost 13lbs. I do feel much better she help me set realistic plans for me to follow. Now I eat healthy which is significant to help with […]

— Robert D. – Fuquay Varina, NC

  I have been seeing Avril Rowerdink, RD, LDN, CES, and I am so amazed and informed than ever before. She “dummied” it down for me so that I am more aware of what I’m putting into my body. I am so excited about this new adventure to a healthy me with the help of […]

— Nikki R, Cary NC

Anne impressed me immediately in our first session.  She listened intently and made me feel at ease, explaining what she believed might be my roadblocks.  Finally, someone was listening!

— Barb – Apex, NC, USA

Anne is a wonderful, knowledgeable and passionate speaker. As part of LexisNexis’ employee wellness program and “Heart Health” awareness series in conjunction with the American Heart Association, I asked Anne to speak to my employee community on nutrition and health. Anne provided an engaging conversation on top tips for sustained health, informing my team on […]

— Jesse A., VP and Managing Director – LexisNexis

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