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When medical nutrition therapy (MNT) practices are utilized in primary care settings through the use of a registered dietitian effective results can be expected in disease prevention, disease management, and boosting overall wellness. By improving patient care, MNT can reduce the need for hospitalization, prescription drug use, and can promote an overall improvement in the patient’s quality of life. MNT has been shown to be effective in the management of chronic disease conditions, helping to mitigate symptoms and even delaying the onset of adverse complications.

Anne Til Consulting has developed nutrition strategies for primary care organizations that are based upon empowerment and sustainable, long-term lifestyle alterations tailored to each individual patient. Relying on evidence-based nutritional approaches, Anne Till Consulting dietitians/nutritionists help develop, implement, and assess high-quality nutrition services that are effective in delivering the specific outcomes desired by each organization. The results are reduced patient health care costs, enhanced patient experiences, and greater overall patient wellness.

Primary Care Nutrition Services Include:

  • Defining Organizations’ Operational Requirements
  • Establishing Specific Nutrition Care Services
  • Recruiting and Training Qualified, Motivated Dietitians
  • Providing up-to-Date Resources Based on Current Best-Practice Methods
    • Defining Workflow Processes
    • Establishing Assessment Templates
    • Creating Electronic Health Record Templates
    • Providing Educational Materials
    • Laying out Specific Diet Prescriptions
    • Providing Meal Plans and Recipes
    • Implementing Tracking Tools
  • Tailoring a Unique Nutrition Care Process to the Organization
    • Defining Billing Procedures
    • Establishing Quality Control Processes
    • Developing Rollout Plans
    • Laying out Management Practices
    • Training, Mentoring, and Ongoing Support of Clinical and Administrative Staff

Anne Till Consulting dietitians/nutritionists unique and proven approach to nutrition interventions involves a systematic assessment of each individual patient and customized interventions based on up-to-date scientific evidence. The dietitians/nutritionists at Anne Till Consulting specialize in helping primary care organizations implement this proven strategy in a thoughtful, practical, cost-effective, powerful, and sustainable manner.

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