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Maintaining a healthy lifestyle requires a proactive approach to good nutrition, regular physical activity, sleep, and even psychophysiological factors such as stress, self image, and happiness. When you manage all of these factors together on a daily basis, with input from your primary care physician and a licensed dietitian/nutritionist, you will be able to maintain your healthy weight, feel more energetic, and reduce your risk for many health problems. Read the information given here for more information about each key aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Optimal Nutrition

A healthy diet, based on the best available evidence, is fundamental to good health. It is also true, that people are metabolically individual, just like eye color, height, and even fingerprints are different from person to person. Therefore a “one size fits all”: approach to diet and lifestyle interventions are unlikely to be helpful for all people. The dietitians/nutritionist at Anne Till Consulting will work with you to find the best a nutrition and lifestyle solutions to suit your metabolic make-up, dietary preferences and personal lifestyle. In general terms, healthy diets should provide all your nutritional requirements for protein, fat and carbohydrate as well as being able to meet all your requirements for vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients, within an appropriate energy intake.

Optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle behaviors will help you to maintain a healthy weight and reduce your risk for chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, and other conditions.

Physical Activity

Regular and varied physical activity is another necessary component to a healthy lifestyle, offering a wide range of benefits. These include improved sleep, more energy, better control over appetite, less food cravings, reduced stress, enhanced feelings of wellbeing, and lower risks of chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, and more. Experts recommend planning for a minimum of at least 150 to 300 minutes of exercise per week at moderate levels of intensity. Individual activity requirements also vary from person to person, and the dietitians/nutritionist at Anne Till Consulting will work with you to find solutions to help you meet your personal physical activity goals and requirements

Stress and Wellbeing

Your emotional and psychological wellbeing can also affect your health. Research shows that people who sustain even moderate levels of stress can experience a range of health issues, from higher blood pressure to inflammation, cardiovascular problems, depression, and increased risk of other chronic conditions. Chronic stress can also lead to overeating, smoking, drinking too much alcohol, inactivity, and other unhealthy habits as coping mechanisms, which can cause weight gain and many other negative effects.

Experts recommend finding a daily stress reducing activity that works well for you, such as meditation, yoga, and even simple exercises like cycling, swimming, running, and others. Many artistic pursuits, including playing music, painting, crafting, and other forms of self expression are also effective in lowering stress. The most important thing is to identify an activity that fits your daily schedule and genuinely relaxes your mind and body. The dietitians/nutritionist at Anne Till Consulting will work with you to find personal solutions and when necessary will work with other healthcare providers who can help you manage stress more effectively.

No Need to Do It Alone

Trying to manage all of these components of a healthy lifestyle yourself can be an overwhelming challenge within the context of the modern day environment, so it is important to seek help from professionals in the form of nutrition and lifestyle coaching. Having a good relationship with your primary care physician and your licensed dietitian/nutritionist will give you a healthy advantage as well as the necessary resources and support you need to make effective, sustainable lifestyle modifications. Remember, even small changes to your diet, your physical activity levels, and your stress will produce noticeable results in your overall health and wellbeing when maintained consistently. We are here to support and help you. Contact us to find out more about our services

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