Important Information on COVID-19 (C-19) (Novel Coronavirus )

Our Services and Health Insurance Benefits Available to You

We would like to take a moment to update you during this time of uncertainty. Our office remains open and our dietitians are available to meet with you remotely via a suitable video platform using telehealth. We use a HIPPA compliant platform provided by ZOOM for medical providers.

Most Health Insurance Plans have expanded Telehealth Coverage during COVID19 – therefore our services are available to you as they usually would be for all in-office visits. We will verify benefits for all plans and will notify you of your telehealth benefits in order to enable you to meet virtually.

We are still taking precautions in our office including:

Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk.

We are also using sanitizing sprays and Clorox wipes and are cleaning surfaces, including our scales, between visits.

Our staff is constantly wiping office surfaces and we are all washing our hands and following appropriate procedures

We are monitoring the situation and request that if you have a fever, cough, or sore throat or other symptoms of the flu or COVID-19 that you call us to see if we can accommodate a telehealth appointment or reschedule your visit for a later time when you have recovered and are feeling better.

All our patients who are considered at high risk for COVID19, including but not limited to-  senior citizens, people with diabetes, heart disease or autoimmune conditions are requested to switch to telehealth appointments only.

Healthy Lifestyle Behaviors Matters

It is our goal is to continue to provide nutritional support to you and to help you to stay healthy.  It is important that you continue to address other health needs such as diabetes management, blood pressure, heart health, nutritional status, and other conditions in order to protect yourself from infections.  In fact, a lifestyle with a healthy diet, exercise, and sleep is very important to prevent and fight infection.

Here is a link to a brief outline from the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) regarding healthy lifestyle behaviors and the role that nutrients can play in supporting your immune system. Please reach out to us for more information.

If you have any concerns, please call our office, and we will also continue to keep you updated on any changes at the practice.

We look forward to continuing to support you on your health journey

Where can you get more information about COVID -19?

We understand you may have questions and concerns about the Novel Coronavirus. You may be receiving information from numerous sources, not all of which may be reliable.  The best current source of information is the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) at  This has comprehensive, updated, trusted information about symptoms, transmission, prevention, testing, and treatment.  A local source of information would be the NC Department of Health and Human Services under the “Public Health” tab at or at 1-866-462-3821.  At that site, you can enroll for regular updates on COVID-19 that may have local importance.

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