Testimonial Kellie F. – Cary, NC

I began going to Anne Till a year ago to help me with my food choices. I have always tried to eat healthier – especially in the last few years of losing weight. However, I came to a standstill and actually began to gain back some of what I had originally lost. With Anne’s teaching I have come to understand better how my body works and how food choices affect how I feel. She has taught me to actually eat MORE food – and the importance of better quality!I am amazed at how much better I feel, how much I have learned and how the knowledge I have gained over the years finally makes sense. It is a continual process of learning and Anne is always so supportive and willing to guide you down the path of nutritional wellness. We live in a very volatile food society in the United States. Our social culture alone can make it hard to stand for the right choices. However, Anne gives you tools to make better choices and directs you to resources to help further your knowledge. She is wonderful and I always look forward to my appointments with her!

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