Testimonial Mandy M.

I recently had myriad symptoms that left my doctors scratching their heads. Among them was extreme GI distress my GI doc could not explain or provide any solutions to overcome. I finally decided that I should see a dietician to determine if there was something I could change in my diet. In my first appointment Avril identified aspartame in my daily Diet Coke as a potential culprit; I soon realized the sugar-free cough drops I had been using since a respiratory virus had been the additional source of aspartame that kicked off all the symptoms that had left me so ill for 7 weeks. I used to live on a bland, carbohydrate-heavy diet to accommodate my constant GI issues. Once off all aspartame I discovered that I could eat much more of the nutritious foods (especially the raw fruits and vegetables I had mostly had to avoid) than I had been able to tolerate for decades. I’ve always wanted to eat well, and Avril gave me great guidelines to follow, as well as suggested foods and supplements to try. I’m now healthier and feel great. I’m at my optimal weight, have plenty of energy, and sleep well. If you’ve never met with a dietician, give it a try. There are so many food and supplement myths and inaccuracies floating around it’s hard to know what to believe about what you should and shouldn’t eat. Having a professional work with you one on one can be eye opening and life changing. I highly recommend Avril.

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