Testimonial Mr. Gabriel L. – Durham, NC

I started my plan with Anne in the second half of 2016 after I realized that I was lacking in energy and my health was deteriorating which was affecting my daily activities at work, my training sessions and my sleeping habits. My goal was to become a healthier person, and Anne helped me understand the challenges of moving to a different country where everything is convenient, but that achieving a healthy lifestyle was still possible. With the combination of her very personalized plan, and my commitment to daily physical activity, we were able to improve my health. I lost weight specifically body fat, bringing my body composition to well within normal limits. These changes would undoubtedly affect anyone’s confidence, and they did have a positive impact on me. They also improved my sleeping habits and sleep duration; which in turn boosted my performance and energy levels at work. I learned that building healthy habits in life is not as hard as some people imagine it could be. It just requires a little bit of determination and the proper guidance from the correct person.

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