Blog: COVID-19: Making Use of What’s Available at the Grocery Store

Making Use of What’s Available at the Grocery Store

As a follow-up to what we talked about in Step 4 of our blog “5 Action Steps to Take to Manage Your Health”, I suggest doing your grocery shopping with several potential plans in mind. For example, I took three different ingredient lists with me last week and ended up making the recipe for which I found the most ingredients  (not all ingredients, but it was still tasty!). Turns out there’s no shortage of fresh vegetables and frozen seafood! While I wasn’t able to celebrate my birthday by going out, I truly enjoyed having the time to make this recipe from skinnytaste on a weekday.

Please be gentle in your critique of the photo I took of my dinner…I didn’t realize I was going to be making a blog post out of this idea when I took it! 

On that same trip, since I went early when the store opened, I was able to find fresh, lean beef. The rest of the ingredients in this Taco Beef Soup recipe are canned and include items you may already have in your pantry. 

Both of these recipes contain a good amount of vitamin C, one of the many nutrients necessary for healthy immune function. 

Our Dietitians/ Nutritionists are here to help you

We are here to help you and our office is open for telehealth visits, both for existing patients and new patients. What you choose to eat is an essential contributor to your health. Let us help you figure out how to use up the groceries you have in your home,  and help you to stay healthy at the same time!

Click here to contact us for more information. Most major health insurance companies are now covering telehealth visits, usually at no cost to you. Our office will verify your benefits for you.

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