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Prior to meeting Anne, I thought I knew everything I should be doing in order to lose weight. I have been running for about 10 years, and knew that in order to lose weight, I should be taking in less calories than I expend. After working with Anne for about 7 months, she has taught me that calories aren’t everything. I have learned how my body responds to different types of foods, and how important it is to eat certain types of foods throughout the day in order to keep my insulin levels stable. She has developed an eating plan tailored specifically for me and my running/exercise habits and food preferences. Being a picky eater, I sometimes have difficulty finding “healthy”foods to eat, but Anne has taught me about making realistic food choices, setting limits and maintaining my weight goal. With Anne’s guidance and the tools she has provided, I have met my weight goal and am currently working toward maintaining a healthier lifestyle. She has been amazing to work with, and I have learned so much about food and how my body responds to it.

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